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Art, For Beginners 

I wrote 'Art, For Beginners' to give those aspiring to be artists some inspiration. Artists may often find it difficult to leave their comfort zone and become the artist they want to become. Therefore, I wanted artists to know that this is okay. There are hints and tips within this book as well as interactive elements. 


 A Collection

A Collection, simply, of all the art I have compiled over my time as an artist. 

I chose to collate all my artwork together to allow audiences to see how I grew and matured as an artist. My artwork has massively altered over the years and this is evident within this book. 


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About Me

I was always told art was a pointless subject; that you could get nowhere in life with an art degree.

I wanted to prove them wrong, so I did, in the form of art. 

Art allows you to express yourself. It allows you to be who you want to be, and most importantly note this down on paper. 

You can keep every bit of memory of who you used to be; simply by painting your feelings down. 

I used my canvas' as my diary. My paintings are every bit of how I was feeling at a certain moment in time.

So I decided to collate them all into a book, describing how each make me feel now. 

I hope to inspire people; inspire them to paint rather than simply write. Painting expresses your own personality a million times better than writing. 




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Art, For Beginners


A Collection


Art Monthly

"White's books are amazingly fantastic! His artwork is absolutely phenomenal, as is his writing."


Aesthetica Magazine

"Ben White is truly inspiring. The way he captures feelings and emotions within his artwork is amazing; I hope to see many people following in his footsteps."

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